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    [ 2 Pack ] Magnetic Phone Mount, [ Super Strong Magnet ] [ with 4 Metal Plate ] car Magnetic Phone Holder, [ 360° Rotation ] Universal Dashboard car Mount Fits iPhone Samsung etc Most Smartphones

    • I'm a trucker I use both everyday in my work truck in and out of bumpy construction sites and I never have to worry about my phones falling
    • suction not that strong , sometimes the phone falls but overall great product
    • I an make a video without the worry of the phone falling or moving
    • Within 20 minutes the metal disk fell off my case and the phone fell to the floor.
    • Every time I hit a bump in the car (and Illinois has a lot of bumps and road issues) going even 25 miles per hour, the phone falls
    • I like how they work as they are advertised to work
    • We put it in my boyfriend's truck and maybe 10 minutes later it fell as he was driving and was not at all sticky anymore