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    AEE AP10 Drone Quadcopter Aircraft System with Integrated 16MP FPV Camera (White)

    • - This is extremely important feature because without GPS, it is almost impossible to get stable image and almost every new beginner I know all have crashed their drone
    • ...i got a phantom 3 standard for christmas and have flown it at least a dozen times in the past week-no comparison, it worked out of the box and was not the waste of time the AEE AP10 was, and it was the same price-if you are thinking of one at this price point, get the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, better camera, easier setup, better features and it works right out the the box unlike this drone.
    • Auto landing - This is another great feature
    • The ap10 has some respectable features and does live up to some of them but after 2 of them doing the exact same thing....
    • It is big, and powerful, as well as pretty dang fast, and has a lot of great features.
    • It's a really cool feature
    • SO just be aware of those two important features
    • Meanwhile, I strongly recommend not purchasing this drone no matter how attractive the features and benefits are