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    Anbernic Handheld Game Console , 4.3" 16GB 3000 Classic Portable Game Console Pap-KIII , Support GBA / GBC / GB / Sega / NES / SFC / NEOGEO , Birthday Presents for Children (Black)

    • The battery lasts (a minimum) 2 hours of solid/continuous play
    • Good play .. good memories for the price
    • Arrived on time and I loved playing thed games from childhood
    • All 650 games worth playing.
    • Works good plays good hard to set buttons for 6 button setup but overall good
    • The top shoulder L and R buttons are not great
    • The top L and R shoulder buttons have a strange shape and have a recessed 90º edge to them that occasionally catch on your fingers
    • Everything works as it should and it is the Kiii-plus, not the Kiii