• Reviews around charger error (2.09 of 5)

    AUKEY Car Charger Quick Charge 3.0, 39W Dual Ports Samsung Galaxy Note8 / S9 / S8 / S8+, LG G6 / V30, HTC 10 More | Qualcomm Certified

    • The other is completely useless now and will constantly give the "incompatible charger" error without fail.
    • I don't get the "slow charging" or the "use oem charger" error messages, so for the last few weeks has been working great.
    • One will occasionally give me an "incompatible charger" error on my
    • Still works as it's supposed to
    • The device is now working as it should.
    • Very impressed with this car charger it charges my LG v20 as fast as it being plugged into the wall also it will charge another device at the same time just what I needed
    • I purchased this for my boyfriend, as he didn't want one of those cheap-o chargers you get from gas stations