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    Blink XT Camera Wall Mount Bracket ,Weather Proof 360 Degree Protective Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Mount and Cover for Blink XT Home Security Camera System Anti-Sun Glare UV Protection (Black(1 Pack))

    • Would be nice if it was an easier way to attach the casings.
    • It's also important that the camera lens is not covered behind plastic or plexiglass, as the motion sensing system may not work if it is -- and thankfully, this mounting system was designed the correct way, with an open front area for the camera lens
    • When I saw this completely enclosed wall mount with a metal attachment, I knew this would be a much more secure way to attach my Blink camera
    • Like the way they workalot stronger than cheap holder that came with cameras.
    • All of those tiny screws only go about half way in and then refuse to progress after that.
    • They should come up with a better way to close the front and back instead of having so many screws.
    • While I would have preferred an after market bracket that didn't offset the camera so much, the need to be able to angle it for a precise picture of my house made a product like this necessary -
    • Nothing works as it should