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    Car Phone Holder, REDSHINE Upgrade Universal Car Mount 2 in 1 Air Vent Car Mount Dashboard Car Mount Gravity Cell Phone Holder for Car for iPhone X 5S 6s 6 Plus 7 Galaxy S8 S9 and More (White)

    • So, I was able to modify the vent using a clip to keep it from swiveling (see attached photo).
    • I tried to push it a little further into the vent to see if I could get more support and cracked the clips on the bezel
    • I chose the vent clip which popped onto the back of the holder with just a little force
    • Make sure you twist the vent clip once you hook it into the back of the mount
    • I took one star out for the vent clip detaching from its base while i was installing it and used some Gorilla Gel Glue put it back together.
    • If you get to the holiday season and need gifts, this phone holder has one of the best vent clips i have seen