• Reviews around air vent (1.33 of 5)

    Car Phone Mount - Car Holder 360°Rotation Air Vent Stand Car Phone Mount with Adjustable Switch Lock for GPS Navigation Pickup Truck (Expanding Stand Included)

    • Easy fix to the air vent although only concern is how hot phone can get if you don't turn that vent off.
    • These things are brilliant, pop straight into the air vents on your dash and hold the phone with a kung fu grip
    • The holder does not keep coming off the air vent like my previous purchase.
    • Simply attached magnet to phone case, place hold on air vent and phone will hold in place very securely.
    • Great product: fits very easily and securely to the air vent; the magnet holds well, with no phone movement
    • Fits on most air vents.
    • finally i can Mount my phone to the air vents.
    • v sturdy