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    Car Phone Mount Windshield, Long Arm Clamp iVoler Universal Dashboard with Double Clip Strong Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder Compatible iPhone XR XS Max X 7 8 Plus 6 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 S7 Plus Note 9

    • (Round movable air vents) Tried an air vent holder but it flapped around too much
    • I was looking for something that I could place far away enough from me to make videos in the car (so not on the air vent), easily removable since I think these things are nerdy, and where I would not have to stick a magnetic sticker onto the back of my iPhone.
    • I have seen that lay more on the dash or air vents
    • Most of the car cell phone holders rely on placing the holding mechanism in an air vent, so every time you need to use it, the weight of the phone pulls the vent slats downward, diminishing the A/C (I live in South Florida, which is the sub-tropics)
    • That said, it works as it should right
    • The clip is very strong and the 'arm' is 'stiff' enough to hold the weight of the phone as well as when I push buttons on my phone during use
    • Works as it should.