• Reviews around tone (5.00 of 5)

    Dunlop M148 MXR Micro Chorus

    • " it does one thing beautifully and simply - and that one thing is create a soft velvety chorus effect with good chime tones - when I activate the MXR Custom Comp pedal in conjunction with the MXR Micro Chorus I can easily copy the Andy Summers Police sound
    • Very nice tone and effect for a one knob pedal
    • The best "just enough" chorus tone on the market
    • Those the job perfectly and delivers great effect for my clean tone
    • This box gives you essentially 3 classic tones at the crank of a knob
    • This pedal gives you great tones, fantastic chorus that with its simple one knob can give you incredible sound.
    • Yes, I know it's a stereo leslie on the album, but what exactly do you expect?All three tones are so darn pleasant, warm, and otherwise *