• Reviews around panel (2.09 of 5)

    GE Profile PEM31SFSS Countertop Microwave

    • Stainless front panel back black side panel
    • Illuminating the control panel would be a great upgrade.
    • The first ones either stopped running or lost their control panel, the last one we kept way too long as we ignored paint flaked off throughout it, falling on food and likely unsafe
    • It is very much an inferior quality - the panel is hard to see and the buttons are hard to push are the biggest complaints,
    • The door closure is noisy, the panel is difficult to read (numbers and words are small and dark), the one light inside is dim.
    • Motor is noisy, door and latch bang shut and panel is hard to read.
    • GE apparently didn't illuminate the panel to save a buck or three, but it makes it unusable without a flashlight
    • Works as it ought to.