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    GOOLOO 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer 6-Amp Full Automatic 6-Stages Trickle Charging with Clamps for Car,Motorcycle,Lawn Mower,Boat RV,SUV,ATV,Sealed Lead Acid Battery-Repair Batteries

    • Product is extremely easy to use, and the display makes the information easily understandable
    • Easy to operate, good display, light weight and seems we made too
    • The digital display is very bright and easy to read, so its great to quickly know whats going on with the battery.
    • Display went blank and it no longer works
    • This is a great device has maintained my motorcycle/boat battery always charged , couple of weeks ago had an issue with the device contacted Customer care that came back to me within 24 hrs, representative was very attentive and addressed my issue on an expedited manner as device was on the warranty period was replaced and sent as fast as when I purchased it