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    Gvode Waffle Plates for Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N, GR-5B, GR-6 and GRID-8N Series (Not for Old Model GR-4/GRID-8 & GR-300WS),NOT for GR150,NOT for GR300

    • A decent waffle maker with removable plates costs 2, 3 times as much, so I am happy with this purchase.
    • I LOVE this waffle maker!
    • Great waffle maker.
    • I love waffles, but hated cleaning our waffle maker
    • How are you supposed to clean a waffle maker where the griddle part can't be removed
    • There are other great waffle makers out there!
    • nice waffle maker
    • Works well but the details don't seem as sharp as I had expected them to be