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    Ivation Universal Tripod Stand Mount Holder for The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge, S6, S5, S4, S3, HTC One, and for Most Smartphones

    • This thing is awesome.
    • Sturdy little thing
    • Love this thing
    • There's a round pull-thing on top of it; made completely out of some sort of sylicone-rubber material that holds very well when you pull it to place the phone into the frame of the mount, but I prefer to open the contraption by pulling it from the frame itself because it don't trust this rubbery-pull thing on top of it
    • Best and Smartest thing someone I wish I knew as an acquaintance or related too.
    • I love this thing
    • Only issue is that you can't touch all of the scree or see a good portion so you won't know what some things look like till after the fact
    • This thing is junk.