Just Dance 2014 - Nintendo Wii

Platform:Nintendo Wii  |  Edition:Standard “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell view larger “C’mon” by Ke$ha view larger “Th...

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  • Reviews around lyric (1.69 of 5)

    Just Dance 2014 - Nintendo Wii

    • but some songs (just like anything on the radio these days) have questionable lyrics.
    • As long as Just Dance keeps putting out smutty songs and smutty dances, and perversely targeted at children besides, I will keep putting up this review, in the hopes that at least some people will be spared this stuff.]I am amazed that no one has asked the obvious question: Why do the creators of this game want our kids--mostly our daughters--to listen to obscene lyrics
    • There are several songs on this game that my kids will never be able to play due to the coarse lyrics, the sexual dance moves or the skimpily-dressed avatars
    • I love R & B and just wished there were more current songs..loved the idea that you could dance along with others around the world.
    • There is a couple of songs with questionable lyrics but honestly she does not pay attention to the lyrics because she is busy dancing around.
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  • Reviews around lines (1.51 of 5)

    Just Dance 2014 - Nintendo Wii

    • Find myself gravitating towards the Blurred Lines song, as easy and fun
    • Particularly, "Get Lucky," "Blurred Lines," "Other Side
    • If you are thinking of just one song from the past year that you absolutely have to have in this game, it's "Blurred Lines", right
    • In the Summertime, Could You Be Loved, Blurred Lines, Get Lucky, Candy.
    • It has "I Kissed a Girl and I Like It" and has "Blurred Lines".
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