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    K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame Chocolate

    • With the cold snap outdoor kittiesnow have a place to land
    • Overall, I'm happy with it because the cat is & it got here just in time for an extreme cold snap
    • We rescued him after an infection during a cold snap
    • Bought this for my friend's feral kitties, they love it and got it just in time for a cold snap
    • I am glad I got the Aframe vs the flat top roof because these don't have much protecting them as they sit outside on the back patio, and the snow and rain just falls off the Aframe roof and doesn't puddle up like it would on a flat top roof
    • I put a secondary tarp secured to a small wooden pallet over the house for extra water resistance as well as for high winds
    • The pad warms up as they lay in it