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    Kaistyle Magnetic Phone Car Mount, [Upgraded CLAMP] Unobstructed Car Vent Phone Mount [6 Strong Magnets] Cell Phone Holder for Car, Phone Car Holder Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel

    • The second issue is most holders eventually loose their grip as they are used for many months
    • My issue was always that the car mount would fall out of my air vent after loosening up with normal use, or it would block the entire air vent closest to me
    • My only issue would be it vibrates easily which makes the display on my iPhone a little hard to read at times
    • The one I'm reviewing attempts to fix both but the vibration wobble is an issue
    • The biggest issue is that the phone vibrates a lot when driving due to the magnetic pad being attached to an arm
    • Fantastic!I have used magnetic mounts for several years now