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    Kollea Automatic Watering System, Indoor Plant Self Watering System Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit with 60-Day Programmable Timer, LED Display & USB Power, Indoor Irrigation System for Potted Plants

    • The system works as expected and automates my plant watering.
    • This system was really easy to install, and I was impressed by the strength of the pump
    • Integrating a better screen communication system would be highly helpful
    • The system is great for up to 5-6 plants and there are enough connections and hose to work it
    • System is working well
    • Otherwise, pretty decent system, which saved my plants when I was on vacation for 2 weeks
    • Just bought this system so that my wife wouldn't lose her plants while we are away for a month
    • What I like most is that this system does not feature an integrated tank so you can run the intake hose to a water source of your choosing