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    KONKY Caseme Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case, Magnetic Detachable Removable Phone Cover Pouch Folio Durable Leather Purse Flip Card Pockets Holder Bag Smooth Zipper - Black

    • Real leather, quality stitching, great magnets
    • Magnet that holds the phone is very strong!!
    • Magnet is not strong enough to hold phone in place unless it's laying down.
    • This one would be better if the latch on the case was stronger, and the magnet for the phone was also a bit stronger.
    • I was worried that the magnet wouldn't be strong enough to really safely hold the phone, but it is.
    • Magnet is strong and my money and cards
    • Would have preferred the magnet in the strap to be stronger, but otherwise like anlot.