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    KONKY Caseme Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case, Magnetic Detachable Removable Phone Cover Pouch Folio Durable Leather Purse Flip Card Pockets Holder Bag Smooth Zipper - Black

    • Case is of good quality for the price, but had a strong odor of something like Ben-gay or other medicine type smell.
    • She said good quality at a great price.
    • The quality of the product seems good but it is so bulky it's like carrying a clutch bag once the pockets are full and DO NOT carry change because it will not close and paper money also does not fit well
    • Awesome quality
    • It is a bit thick as far as carrying it around in your pocket, but it's good quality with a nice faux suede look and feel.
    • The quality of the case is the best I have had yet