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    LISEN Phone Holder Car, [Upgraded Clip] Magnetic Phone Mount [6 Strong Magnets] Car Phone Mount [Case Friendly] Phone Car Holder Mount Compatible with 4-6.7 inch Smartphone and Tablets

    • This one latches securely onto vent with its unique clip that attaches to vent fin.
    • Doesn’t open up enough to fit vent fins
    • The central fin on a 2010 Prius is too wide for this phone mount, and in attempting to squeeze it into place I partially broke the fin (because the "tongue" of the device is not long enough to extend past the back of the horizontal fin)
    • Bought this for our Ford Edge but does not work as vent fins are deeper than it will attach to.
    • This is perfect clear and very easy to use and clean i really liked it 😊