• Reviews around noise (1.00 of 5)

    Mpow BH298A Bluetooth Receiver, Aux Wireless Bluetooth with Bluetooth 5.0 for Wired Speakers/Headphones/Home Music Streaming Stereo System, Protable Bluetooth Car Adapter, Easy Control On/Off Slider

    • I've had other less quality bluetooth receivers before that produced static or background noise
    • n’t have to worry about it again you will need the Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator (picture 2), as without it, when music isn’t playing while it’s charging, it will make a humming noise.
    • It makes some static noise if using it while charging.
    • No hum or any other unusual noises coming from the speakers when hooked up and sounds as good or better than CDs I play on my boat radio.
    • I dont have a hissing noise when its pluged in to charger