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    PC PS3 Gaming Controller, EasySMX Wireless 2.4G Gamepads with Vibration Fire Button Support PC, PS3, Android, Vista, TV Box Portable Gaming Joystick Handle (Black and Red)

    • He said the feel and comfort for the controller is awesome
    • Aside from that, it is a nice controller with a good solid feel, similar to Xbox 360 controllers
    • Great feel and the analog sticks haven't developed any dead zone or other issues yet, and I use them quite a bit
    • The feel of the controller is Xbox 360, but much better
    • The thumb grips have a somewhat smooth feel to them, I'd probably recommend some caps or adding some ridges to them, but its not too bad
    • It has a solid feel with good vibration feedback
    • I liked the feel of the controller in my hand and it was much more responsive than a wireless controller while playing Fortnite.