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    PC PS3 Gaming Controller, EasySMX Wireless 2.4G Gamepads with Vibration Fire Button Support PC, PS3, Android, Vista, TV Box Portable Gaming Joystick Handle (Black and Red)

    • I'm a fortnite fan so finding different ways of playing the game is fun
    • I have been looking for a game pad that would work on all my devices
    • This is the best game pad for the money
    • Nice controller for games super smooth buttons and really responsive.
    • I originally bought this controller as a Christmas gift to myself, as I had grown tired of using XInput emulation to keep my older gamepads working with modern PC games.
    • I finally bit the bullet and bought a console controller for my PC (I do miss my old joystick games though!
    • Using game console emulator software, I can play old school Atari and NES games as well as
    • I greatly appreciate the as I feel there was a mix