• Reviews around skin rash (2.18 of 5)

    Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes with Ketoconazole and Aloe for Cats and Dogs, 50 Count

    • My 8 month old lab pup had a weird skin rash on the underside of her hind legs that was progressively spreading
    • I've been using these to treat my French Bulldog skin rashes from allergies and they work great.
    • Our dog had a skin rash and outbreak.
    • After two days of use after every potty break, her skin rash is gone
    • I really like this brand work perfect in my dog.
    • The white fur on his chin is now orange but that will clear up as he sheds.
    • We use these to clean out our sensitive skin bulldogs folds as well as when he gets rashes before we apply any creams or medications