Sentiments around christmas gift.

Through 13 signals, the score is 8.8

It will be a Christmas gift for my son, who plays guitar as well as drums, and loves art by Van gogh etc.

I just received your Cool Renaissance Art Medium Picks as a Christmas gift, and not only was I blown away by the art work on the picks but the scent that accompany the case was phenomenally therapeutic and an extraordinary scent.

I gave them as a gift and it was the most popular this Christmas.

Bought these as a Christmas gift for my favorite guitar player and he loves them - the leather pick holder is perfect on a keychain and ensures that he always has picks.

This was a Christmas gift for my Uncle and he is really enjoying them.

Christmas gift for son n law.

I got them in time for Christmas and they were the perfect gift.

Bought these as a Christmas gift for my son-in-law.

They were a Christmas gift for my son, he loved them, the can and carrying case.

The picks are a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas.

I am excited to see what my fiancée says when he opens this Christmas gift.

Since these are Christmas gifts, my friends have not yet received the cool gift.

Can't wait to give these (bought for a Christmas gift)!