Sentiments around key chain.

Through 29 signals, the score is 8.7

Picks are lovely and well made, nice storage tin, fast and friendly service, and a nice leather pick holder key chain :)

The picks are amazing and the pick holder key chain is really nice.

The key chain is also really handy.

Very nice touch with the key chain guitar pick.

I especially love the key chain holder.

He loved the picks with the key chain case and his wife, an artist, loved them too.

Nice tin and key chain storage.

Plus, the picks + the tin + the key chain are a good value all together if you are looking for something more than a mass produced guitar pick.

The coolest part is definitely the key chain which holds a couple guitar picks.

Love the carrying case key chain.

It was a perfect gift already, but the key chain took it up a notch.

They are beautiful, and they came in a nice tin to keep them in, plus with a pick holder/key chain.

Especially the key chain with the pick holder.

He liked the guitar picks but loved the key chain they came with better

Arrived on time, really like the key chain.

Included was a tin case to hold them all in as well as a cool leather key chain to hold one or two while up on stage playing or just to have on hand for that spur of the moment jam session.

The key chain keeps the picks on hand at all times.

Very beautiful and the pick key chain holder will be appreciated by my grandson when he opens this on Christmas.

I love the box and pick holder key chain that come in this package.

My daughter used the key chain ring to attach it to a zipper pull on her guitar bag so that she can keep a couple in there to use with the guitar and keep the tin of the rest on a shelf in her room.

best part the little metal case and the key chain pick holder that comes with it.

I don't know if he's used the picks yet but he loved the key chain and put the new picks in it and put it on his key chain immediately after opening.

We really like these picks!PROs:The artwork is stunning - even on something so smallCases - came with both a tin that holds all of them, and a key chain pick case.

The carrier comes on a key ring so they can be attached to your key chain so you have them with you anytime.

Okay, our favorite thing about this is the leather key chain holder that comes with these picks.

Like the lil extra bonus key chain and the click clack tin to hold everything.

They have a nice leather looking carrying case that can go on your key chain, which I forgot to mention in the video, but we think is quite convenient, as well as a small tin that you can carry them in as well.

I was surprised with the extra goodies, the tin can is pretty useful for storing picks and the key chain pick holder is great, it has a small opening but I was able to put my heavy gauge picks there with no issues, I turned to it as my daily driver.

The key chain pick holder was the icing on the cake!