Sentiments around tin.

Through 56 signals, the score is 7.800000000000001

The quality is very good, and the storage tin is a really nice bonus.

The picks are perfectly unique, tin & keyring great ideas.

The picks look awesome and come with a nice tin and a leather pick holder.

Thess guitar picks, keychain, and metal tin are all Wonderful!

Picks are lovely and well made, nice storage tin, fast and friendly service, and a nice leather pick holder key chain :)

Love these picks and the tin and key ring, great bonus!

These Guitar Picks For Kids & Girls 12 Medium Celluloid Picks Complete W/ Sleek Tin Box & Pick Holder are amazingly bright and colorful.

Great set of beautiful guitar picks, with a awesome keychain and a sweet tin to keep them in.

The picks are beautiful and the tin case is great for storage, and the keychain is sturdy and well made.

The tin has a lid which to open, you push down on the center and to close you push in on the sides, it's pretty neat.

Plus the holder is very nice and it all comes in a nice tin.

The little tin that it comes with is really nice in my opinion.

The tin that came with it was a nice bonus.

The carrying case and tin are an awesome added bonus!

Great gift, my kid loves the box/tin.

Very nice tin to carry them in along with a handy key fob.

The keychain can hold two picks, and the little tin they all come in is really cool.

I love the tin can and the key ring pouch.

Pros: good looking picks, easy to use, tin container, leather keychain holder, everything high qualityCons: All picks same size

Nice tin and key chain storage.

The set includes a nice leather fob for belts or keys, and all is packaged in a handy tin.

Plus, the picks + the tin + the key chain are a good value all together if you are looking for something more than a mass produced guitar pick.

They are beautiful and the carrying tin is going to be very handy.

They came in a nice tin container with the company name on top.

The tin and pick holder are sweet bonuses.

They are beautiful, and they came in a nice tin to keep them in, plus with a pick holder/key chain.

First I was impressed by the tin they came in.

First off, this set of 12 guitar picks comes with a tin box and leather keychain holder.

Ratings (Out of five stars):Size: ★★★★★Picture Quality: ★★★★★Tin Quality: ★★★★★Leather Pick Holder Quality: ★★★★★Value: ★★★★★Overall rating: 25 out of 25 stars / 5 Star AverageSUMMARY: As a novelty item, jewelry making, DIY project, or gift for a guitar & art lover, I think these are perfect.

One other thing: they are really good at getting back to you if there is a concern (as when I didn't see the holder because I didn't think to open the tin first).