Sentiments around van gogh.

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I got the Van Gogh picks and they are beautiful and work great as well.

!I haven't used them extensively enough yet to tell how they hold up with a lot of use, but they seem really well made!Van Gogh is my favorite artist, and these miniature utilitarian versions of his paintings are incredibly vibrant and astonishingly detailed.

I am a great fan of the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

They are really beautiful, hoping to get the Van Gogh picks soon!

It will be a Christmas gift for my son, who plays guitar as well as drums, and loves art by Van gogh etc.

I love Van Gogh so these were a must.

These were a cool gift for my husband who plays guitar and likes Van Gogh!

Perfect addition to the Van Gogh "Starry Night" and "Sunflower" guitar straps I bought from Art Tribute for my wife and myself.

I bought these for my son who selected this Van Gogh Art Work.

Gave these as a gift for someone who plays the guitar and loves Van Gogh.


Van Gogh is one of my favorite all time artists so having these is just more of an inspiration when playing.

I ordered the Van Gogh picks and received them today.

The Vincent Van Gogh picks were a gift for my son who plays the guitar.

I purchased these as a gift for someone who loves Van Gogh & recently picked up the guitar.

He even has socks to match with the same Van Gogh art work!

Appreciated the Van Gogh design.

I ordered the Van Gogh picks and then the USPS lost them.

A must for any Van Gogh lover or something different for your guitar player.

Anyone who complains about that, well what did you expect - a Van Gogh signed original?

P. S. There's a really funny joke in the questions section that you should definitely check out, if you appreciate dad-jokes, and are even remotely aware of who Van Gogh is.