Sentiments around bass.

Through 11 signals, the score is 7.5

Exceeded my expectations easily, with good sound quality and awesome bass.

At this price the sound quality is great and bass is good.

I was expecting half as much sound from this thing and was very surprised as to how well it performed with bass heavy music (rap stations) to acoustics (70s rock, Yes, Classical guitar).

She's happy and jammin' with clear sound and decent bass

Its shape is very special, the bass is also very thick, very suitable for some not thinking.

Bass is not excessive, but overall sound quality is good.

The bass is nice, as other speakers sound tinny when you crank them up.

It gives you a good amount of bass with the music which I really wanted and you can tell that it’s super durable.

Sound is clear, I can feel the bass, and gets quite loud.

Only reason it didn’t get a 5 is for lower bass quality, but really it has no material issues that I could find.

The convenient of micro SD and FM radio make these little speaker a best choice for outdoor activities, little weak on bass but can't expect too much on these low budget speaker .