Sentiments around christmas gift.

Through 23 signals, the score is 9.3

These were a Christmas gift for an amazing artist who is on her way to being an amazing guitar player.

Great Christmas gift for a guitar pick collector.

Received this as a Christmas gift and they are very nice guitar picks.

Bought as a Christmas gift, so unable to tell quality of the picks, however the design/art on the picks is beautiful.

These are a Christmas gift for my son who is an avid guitar player as well as an artist (painting, photography, etc.

Christmas gift for son who has several guitars and is himself an artist.

Would make a great Christmas gift!

Christmas gift for my son.

beautiful product to be a Christmas gift, so unsure of actual usage.

My daughter bought these as a Christmas gift for dad.

I received great service and I can't wait to give this as a gift for Christmas!

I got this as a Christmas gift for my boss.

It's a Christmas gift for my sons stocking.

Gift for my sister for Christmas.

But are a Christmas gift.

They are part of a Christmas gift, but I 'assume' they will work just fine.

Purchased as a Christmas gift.

I bought these for my fiance for a Christmas gift!

The Van Gogh picks where a gift for my husband for Christmas.

I won't be using they are a Christmas gift.

But they are a gift for Christmas so the giftee has yet to use them.

These are a Christmas gift for my daughter, I'm absolutely certain she will love them!

My daughter's guitar instructor is in awe of them so we may be ordering another set as a Christmas gift.