Sentiments around daughter.

Through 28 signals, the score is 8.7

My daughter loves to play and also loves art.

Beautiful and will make a great gift for my musician daughter who loves van Gogh.

My daughter loves playing the guitar and these are a nice artsy kind of gift for her!

My daughter loves them!

My daughter is an artist and a musician.

Daughter loves them

Our daughter is a guitar player and an artist.

I bought these for my daughter and she loves them.

These were a stocking stuffer for my daughter, who plays guitar and has always loved Van Gogh.

For my son-in-law and artist daughter.

Bought these for my daughter who loves the artwork.

My daughter loves them, especially the one of Van Gogh's bedroom.

I know my daughter will love them.

Arrived early, my daughter was thrilled.

My daughter loves these pics.

I'll update after my daughter gets them but so far so very, good.

Perfect for my daughter who dabbles in Art and is trying to learn to play guitar.

My daughter bought these as a Christmas gift for dad.

My daughter lives them!

I ordered these for my daughter, was pleasantly surprised with how much she loves them.

I bought these for my daughter who purchased her first guitar while on a recent field trip.

I know that my daughter in law will love these Vincent Van Gogh guitar picks!

These are a Christmas gift for my daughter, I'm absolutely certain she will love them!

My daughter will be thrilled to have these in her Christmas stocking :-)

I bought them for two purposes: my daughter plays guitar so most are for her, but I kept a couple for myself to use as clasp openers for my Pandora jewelry rather than use my nails.

I bought these for my daughter hoping they'd encourage her to practice and it's working!

I will be giving them to my daughter for Christmas.

Haven't opened the package because this was purchased for my daughter in law so unfortunately I can not review the picks for their durability, etc.