Sentiments around guitar player.

Through 21 signals, the score is 9.200000000000001

These were a Christmas gift for an amazing artist who is on her way to being an amazing guitar player.

Superb product for a guitar player who likes art!

Perfect for a guitar player who’s artistic too.

Unique item, great gift for a guitar player.

Our daughter is a guitar player and an artist.

They are a gift; they are pretty and I hope the guitar player loves them.

Great stocking stuffer for a guitar player.

Great for gifting to your favorite guitar player.

My granddaughter, who is an artist as wel as a guitar player, will love them!

These are a Christmas gift for my son who is an avid guitar player as well as an artist (painting, photography, etc.

Perfect gift for the guitar player who has everything!

This is a Christmas Stocking Stuffer for my son the guitar player.

These are good picks, but it is important as a guitar player to know the thickness of the pick.

The guitar player in the family is going to love these.

We got them as a Christmas present for our brother-in-law who's a guitar player and he loved them!!

I bought these for myself because I love Van Gogh (and don't go through a lot of picks anymore as my main instrument has become the piano) but these would be a great gift for any guitar player, especially one with an eye for the visual arts.

He is absolutely into arts as well as being a fabulous guitar player and has told me again and again how much he loves those pics.

We have a guitar player in our family so bought these for Christmas.

I gave these to my daughter's boyfriend, an avid guitar player.

They would make a nice addition to the Easter basket of any guitar player.

I'm primarily a Fingerstyle guitar player, but I want to bezel these picks and make earrings with them.