Sentiments around van gogh.

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They are bright and very beautiful, a nice tribute to Van Gogh.

The Vincent Van Gogh guitar picks are very beautiful.

Beautiful and will make a great gift for my musician daughter who loves van Gogh.

Very nice guitar picks for those who enjoy the art of Vincent Van Gogh and, who play the guitar.

Very detailed and perfect for my Son who likes Van Gogh and loves to play the guitar.

Very beautiful for any Van Gogh enthusiast.

I thought the idea of Van Gogh guitar picks was a great combination of the 2 talents.

Got these as a gift for my dad who is a musician and loves van Gogh.

I received the Van Gogh guitar picks, and design is very cool!

Unique gift purchased for a musician friend and Van Gogh fan.

Perfect for guitar playing son and fan of Van Gogh.

A lovely set of 12 guitar picks (2each) depicting various Van Gogh paintings.

These were a stocking stuffer for my daughter, who plays guitar and has always loved Van Gogh.

(He loves van gogh and the guitar ♡)

The Van Gogh art work is pretty.

The picks are very pretty - the Van Gogh art is nicely printed on both sides, clear and vibrant.

Great picks to remember our Chicago trip where we saw the Van Gogh exhibit.

Love the Van Gogh and Monet artwork!

I just received my order of Van Gogh guitar picks and they are so pretty!

He is a huge Van Gogh fan.

Love the Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks.

Not only are they awesome, my spouse--as serious a Van Gogh fan as you're likely to find--thinks they're awesome and wants a set with which to make earrings.

My husband said 'We actually own Van Gogh art!'

She said it puts two of her favorite things together picks for her guiter and Van Gogh!

I bought these for myself because I love Van Gogh (and don't go through a lot of picks anymore as my main instrument has become the piano) but these would be a great gift for any guitar player, especially one with an eye for the visual arts.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of his favorite artists.

I have my own Van Gogh.

Van Gogh is my favorite artist and just could not resist buying them.

He plays, and Van Gogh is his fav!

These Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks are exactly as described.