Sentiments around van gogh.

Through 49 signals, the score is 9

I was surprised to see how well the van Gogh paintings were recreated in such a small size.

The Van Gogh picks arrived and were safely packaged.

I bought the Van Gogh guitar picks as a Christmas present for my cousin.

They made me want to play all day long, or just look at them :-)There were six different Van Gogh designs, two of each.

My van Gogh guitar picks have landed !

Can you beat Van Gogh guitar picks?

he's bee playing the guitar since 8 yrs old and has always been a little off the beaten track, and he drew me a Van Gogh when he was in the 2nd grade.

If you love Van Gogh you're going to love these picks!

But these have Van Gogh patterns?

Van Gogh is my favorite artist and I am going to put them in a frame and hang them.

I know that my daughter in law will love these Vincent Van Gogh guitar picks!

The Van Gogh picks where a gift for my husband for Christmas.

My sister-in-law loved these van gogh guitar picks, she plays guitar and sings at restaurants all the time, I don't believe she uses these, but collects them and since there was 2 sets I was able to gift one to a member of the family who has become like a brother to me.

The Van Gogh guitar picks were a gift to my son who turned 37 today.

I purchased the Van Gogh guitar picks for two of my students.

I'm hoping the Van Gogh addition will be enough incentive to keep these babies close.

It's a Van Gogh, or several of them.

I ordered this set of Van Gogh guitar picks on Prime Day so the price was right for this set of fancy picks.

Vincent Van Gogh!If he only knew.