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    RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup

    • while there's some bad reviews of these and those people's phones falling out, I take them with a grain of salt since it does come with an optional stretchy rubber sleeve as a fail-safe - and none of those reviews show them using that
    • I've been using my smartphone in the car since before it was a common thing to do so; as early as 2000.Back when people would look at me funny and ask me why there was a little computer stuck to the windshield of my car
    • I read off people not liking that the Jaws touches volume buttons, no Problem
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    • Some people complained of
    • After using this mount on my motorcycle for years, and after going through 3-4 cheap-o suction cup mounts from various local stores, I finally picked this up for my car and couldn't be happier.