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    Toddleroo by North States 47.85" Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate: Ideal for Wider Areas and stairways. Hardware Mount. Fits Openings 28.68" - 47.85" Wide (31" Tall, Matte Bronze)

    • The only downside to installing this North States easy swing gate is it’s permanent until uninstalled
    • I purchased two North States 47.85" Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gates
    • I'm not sure if I'll have this problem with the other two Easy Swing & Lock gates I purchased
    • You will need to close the gate firmly with a good swing to get them to close and lock properly
    • and it held up like a champ, great inexpensive swing gate.
    • The material is excellent and I like that the whole door swings
    • I like how this gate swings open and there is nothing to step over like other gates
    • I noticed that the "easy swing & lock" feature was not working no matter what I did