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    Toddleroo by North States 50" Wide Extra Wide Wire Mesh Baby Gate: Installs in Extra Wide Opening in Second Without damaging Wall. Pressure Mount. Fits 29.5"-50" Wide (32" Tall, Sustainable Hardwood)

    • Love the width but it was taller than I
    • Good colors and the widths are perfect
    • This gate is alot better than most because of the height of the gate and the width is good too, it can reach completely across my hall way which is great to block the dogs and
    • This gate is the right width and the right height for the space, but now matter how we tried, we were never able to get the tension
    • I like the wide width, which is perfect as a pet gate on my stairway, so I will endure the decline in quality and keep it.
    • well I clean in the back area really nice product