• Reviews around popups (1.44 of 5)

    Webroot Antivirus Protection Internet Security | 3 Device | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac Disc

    • I don't think I had a major virus or performance issue,popups or any kind of serous malware infection in awhile
    • Works on windows 10 and no annoying popups
    • In that time I’ve never had a virus infect my computers, I’ve never noticed a slowdown of my computer’s performance, I’ve never been annoyed by needless advertising popups, and I’ve been able to protect 3 devices for a full year for about five-cents a day.
    • Poor interface, slow, stole "focus" from running programs all the time to display meaningless popups
    • No annoying popups every 2 minutes about unnecessary upgrades or about what its doing
    • thank u