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    Alarm Clock Radio,Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,Digital Alarm Clock USB Charger for Bedroom with FM Radio/USB Charging Port/AUX-IN and Cell Phone Stand/Snooze/Dimmer/Battery Backup Function(Black)

    • This was a nice size clock/speaker for my desk at work - but that's about the only thing I liked about it.
    • Compact size.
    • I love the compact size, I love the brightness of the digital numbers
    • Positives:Solid construction, nice weightModerate sized LED display is viewable at multiple angles, unlike LCDsRather handy phone prop on topEasy to remember basic alarm contolsAlarm tone is OK.Negatives:Alarm doesn't always go offMultiple brightness levels, but the two lowest settings are too bright or too dim for nighttimeCell phone prop is unstable, phone is easily knocked offUSB port on frontLoud beeps when setting / changing alarmWhen searching for dual alarm clocks on Amazon, this product appeared, but it only has a single alarm.