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    Car Phone Holder, REDSHINE Upgrade Universal Car Mount 2 in 1 Air Vent Car Mount Dashboard Car Mount Gravity Cell Phone Holder for Car for iPhone X 5S 6s 6 Plus 7 Galaxy S8 S9 and More (White)

    • Product doesn’t fit well in my cars vent unfortunately
    • it also is soft on your car vents so it won't damage them.
    • but again that is based on how my car vent is designed
    • And my car vents areventricle
    • It holds well on the car vent but holding my Galaxy S7, the arms was still a little loose even with a barely noticeable thin case it fit loose
    • It doesn't weigh down like the other car vent holder I had plus it's cute.
    • It grips to my car vents
    • very wellWouldn’t recommend