• Reviews around surface (4.16 of 5)

    Magnetic Car Phone Mount, Ranvoo Universal Magnet Dashboard Adhesive Car Mount Cell Phone Holder iPhone XR iPhone Xs 7/8 Samsung S8 S9 LG GPS

    • Just make sure the surface is clean and free from liquid.- Compatible with most phones, I used it with my iPhone 7 plus
    • However, the included adhesive doesn't stick well to textured surfaces, so you'll need a smooth surface for the best install.
    • Be sure to clean the surface and place mount on a flat area
    • Followed the instructions to a T and tried on both the textured and a smoother surface of the car.. absolutely won't stay on no matter what, especially once you try to make it hold your phone
    • I chose a difficult surface to mount.
    • I definitely would recommend purchasing from Ranvoo as they appear to stand behind their products.
    • Strong 3M adhesive mark free comes with it on the base as well as with the metal plate