• Reviews around road (1.80 of 5)

    Mpow Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Powerful Magnetic Vent Phone Holder, Easy to Install and Remove Car Magnet Mount with 4 Metal Plates and Protective Films Compatible iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS/XR/8/7/6 Plus

    • When car passed rough road, the phone moved around
    • Even when the roads get bumpy my phone never moves
    • the fact that it hasn't stopped once on any rough roads is amazing
    • It is a little bit weaker magnetically than I'd hoped for, but it does secure it as long as you don't have a rough road
    • As long as you don’t ride on uneven dirt roads or hit large
    • Previous review:magnet not as strong as it's wizgear counterpart
    • Magnet not as strong as I had hoped.