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    Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series (Cage and Litter Box Set)

    • My cat has enough room to move around and he can see us through the mesh front and side openings.
    • Enough room for his cat bed and the travel litter box.
    • Enough room for a small blanket or pad at bottom of carrier and has a small pocket for comb or treats,, etc
    • There was enough room for a cat bed and the liter box
    • My kitty had enough room to walk around and use the litter box freely on a 14 hour car ride
    • It's a good size that gives him enough room to move around a bit, but it also fits well into the back seat of a mall car.
    • Not sure it will fit on the passenger seat, but will fit on the back seat, has straps to secure with seat belt, and enough room for him to move around and not have to sleep in the litter box.