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    Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series (Cage and Litter Box Set)

    • Long story short, I no longer have the girlfriend but still have the carrier and my cats absolutely love this thing
    • He loves this thing, spends most of his time in it
    • I actually can’t believe how great this thing is, I had a Plan B and a Plan C for how to help make the road trip comfortable for my two cats and it turned
    • So, when we arrive at a hotel, we will remove the things inside the cage, quickly twist and fold the cage to go into it's little bag; and then we will carry the cat (on her leash for safety), the litter box, bed and food container along with the collapsed cage to be set up in the hotel room as our cat's safe and familiar space to go in and out of while we are staying overnight.
    • Downside is that it is not very sturdy, the whole thing leans on an angle
    • This thing is perfect for a cat in an rv
    • so if you live in a small place like me little things like that are nice.
    • I move a ton for work and this has been the best thing I have ever bought