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    Patriot LX Series 32GB High Speed Micro SDHC Class 10 UHS-I Transfer Speeds For Action Cameras, Phones, Tablets, and PCs

    • My 500GB SSD manages to shortchange me a bit, at 499,512,242,176 bytes
    • Read speed is a bit slower than 85MB/s promised
    • While it is still a lot of storage, it's a bit too much of a shortfall to ignore
    • These run a bit cheaper than Samsung and SanDisk cards, which is an added benefit.
    • It's rated a bit slower than some other cards, but in real world performance, I didn't really notice a big difference in read/write speed vs some other cards that are rated at higher speeds
    • Using a modest Win7 64 bit laptop with Intel Core i3 processor and onboard USB 2.0 card reader, I tested the 32GB Micro SD with FakeFlashTest.exe and H2testw.exe30463 of 30464 MByte tested
    • That was a bit strange of course, but then I went ahead and took took it out, and reinserted it a few times, and finally the phone knew it was there again.
    • * sorry, this automated passive aggressive bs has finally got me yelling at my pc and phone.