Sentiments around music.

Through 11 signals, the score is 6.800000000000001

This is a very good speaker it works good it’s loud and it’s easy to use the box is also very nice and presentable it’s a great gift for anyone who love music!

Music sound is good

I was expecting half as much sound from this thing and was very surprised as to how well it performed with bass heavy music (rap stations) to acoustics (70s rock, Yes, Classical guitar).

It rolled off my table when I wasn’t paying attention and it just kept on playing music without skipping a beat.

I wanted to have music in my bathroom, and now I do!

Everybody is surprised that all that music is coming out of such a small speaker.

It gives you a good amount of bass with the music which I really wanted and you can tell that it’s super durable.

Now I can take my music anywhere

It also have a radio mode and you can insert sd card to play your music too.

I really enjoy to listen to something while taking shower, like music audiobooks videos etc, Iphone increased its volume of sound but still, it 's not loud enough to hear clear when showering.

I took it to the park over the weekend and it was loud so everyone could hear the music.