Sentiments around sound.

Through 34 signals, the score is 9.3

out with friends, and on the room, the speaker packs a punch and is able to fill a room with incredible sound, perfect for an active lifestyle!

Love the speaker, nice battery light weight, and nice sound.

Sound is amazing.

Sound quality is amazing!

It is a bit heavy as most speakers are, sound quality is good, easy to use, easy to charge.

Exceeded my expectations easily, with good sound quality and awesome bass.

Great speaker good sound

What matters is the speaker which have a good sound quality.

Music sound is good

However, the sound quality is pretty good for the price.

At this price the sound quality is great and bass is good.

Great sound.

Great sound.

Sound quality is excellent and the speaker is very lightweight.

I bought two and they work great for stereo sound from a portable speaker.

This little speaker has some amazing sound at this price point.

the sound is clear and good quality.

Bought 2 and love the sound.

Decent sound, doesn't quite make it to JBL quality but for the price is very good, easy to use and great battery life.

I was expecting half as much sound from this thing and was very surprised as to how well it performed with bass heavy music (rap stations) to acoustics (70s rock, Yes, Classical guitar).

I bought a pair,and wow get sound.

She's happy and jammin' with clear sound and decent bass

I want to buy a very satisfying sound for a big price.

the sound quality is also good, highly recommend, the surface texture is also tangible to hold etc

Good sound I use it with my Ipod when we are going out.

The sound is way better than that thin Bose.

i am surprised that big sound from such a small speaker.

Good speaker for the price, but sound quality lacking.

The 9-watt output is more than enough to fill a large area with a rich, vibrant sound if you wish.

Bass is not excessive, but overall sound quality is good.