• Reviews around design flaw (1.74 of 5)

    Toddleroo by North States 50" Wide Extra Wide Wire Mesh Baby Gate: Installs in Extra Wide Opening in Second Without damaging Wall. Pressure Mount. Fits 29.5"-50" Wide (32" Tall, Sustainable Hardwood)

    • If the rubber feet on each side were adjustable it would fix a really unfortunate design flaw.
    • Now, this may be in part because we live in an older house, and the walls may not be completely straight, but truly it feels like a design flaw.
    • Seems like a design flaw.
    • One minor design flaw means that if you locate the gate inside the lip of moulding in your door jam, the locking arm mechanisms can mar the wood moulding
    • well I clean in the back area really nice product
    • Works as it should.
    • It wont fall since this gate u can adjust the tension and make it fit securelyfor the reviewers that say it cheap and easily broken as with anything you