• Reviews around tension (5.00 of 5)

    Toddleroo by North States 50" Wide Extra Wide Wire Mesh Baby Gate: Installs in Extra Wide Opening in Second Without damaging Wall. Pressure Mount. Fits 29.5"-50" Wide (32" Tall, Sustainable Hardwood)

    • I would worry if I had a pet or child that might exert more pressure on the top of the gate than my rabbit is able to do, because without question, the gate is incapable of being installed with enough tension to be truly reliable, without itself breaking apart
    • so happy with this product , price is good and the tension on the gate is good, the expansion of the gate is good.
    • My dog doesn't push, lean or try anything with the gates, but this does keep good tension when up
    • Will need another one for my basement and will look no further, this is the best, strongest tension gate
    • It is also sturdy and provides enough tension with the adjustable arm
    • We keep the tension reasonable and have had no dents or markings on the walls.
    • well I clean in the back area really nice product