• Reviews around background noise (1.00 of 5)

    USB Lavalier Microphone-MAONO AU-411 (236 inch) Omnidirectional Condenser Lapel Mic Hands Free Shirt Collar Clip-on Microphone Plug&Plug for PC Computer, Laptop, YouTube, Skype Recording, Broadcasting

    • They both pick up a lot of background noise and the quality is about the same
    • My advice is to record without a lot of background noise and not in an area with wind, people, cars, or things like that
    • The quality is decent, the microphones still pick up quite a bit of background noise, but it is handy for on-the-go video shooting purposes.
    • I attached it to my iphone and went for a walk and even when I was huffing and puffing up a hill the background noises were muted.
    • Captures all the background noise.